Quote Your $75,000 BMC-Bond

Call now for your same day or next day quote. As it stands, this FMCSA ruling has not been over turned!

Brokers of Freight are required to have the $75,000 Bond in place by October 1,2013. No matter if you

have recently purchased a $10,000 Bond you will be subject to FMCSA compliance fines. In addition

your shippers, receivers and carriers won't do business with you. We have confirmed with FMCSA

these $75,000 BMC-84 BROKER BONDS can be filed immediately for October 1st deadline. We expect

high volume quoting, so please don't wait until the last minute!

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  • Easy Questionnaire over the phone takes 5 minutes. Quick turnaround!

  • Rates offered are the lowest in the country!

  • No Collateral at all for all credit types.

  • New Entrants Welcome too as well as established Freight Brokers.

  • No Business Financial Statements required.

  • No Personal Financial Statements required.

  • No Net Worth Requirements!

  • No Spousal Indemnity.

  • No Industrial experience required.

  • Can do Credit Scores in the Low 500's.

  • We can write for non-US citizens.


Call Licensed Broker Freight Broker Bond Program BMC-84

    For Business's located in (All States in the USA)


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Watch a complimentary Webinar recorded on September 24th sponsored by Classic Truck Insurance.


Vertical Alliance Group is pleased to share with you a SPECIAL webinar entitled: "MAP 21, FMCSA's New Law Prohibits Motor Carriers from Brokering Freight beginning October 1st".


Our guest presenters were Mr. David Dwinell, President of Loadtraining.com and Mr. Temple Scalf - Owner and President of Classic Truck Insurance and Services




MAP 21, is a new Law that changes just about every relationship in the buying and selling of trucking services. Watch David and Temple discuss: 


  • Motor Carriers - Barred from Brokering Altogether

  • Brokers - Surety Bond is increasing

  • New licensing and training requirements

  • Double Brokering is disallowed

  • Impact on Shippers

  • Impact on Insurers

  • How to be in Compliance with this Law


This is extremely important information so feel free to pass this webinar along to others in the industry.


Click Here to watch today!


Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you you!

For expert consultation and witness for MAP 21, please visit David Dwinell at:







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Now..We have the $75,000 BMC-84 BOND for Brokers of Freight